School Principal Message

Ms.Pratima Mishra

Live with values. Values are our roots on which we grow to achieve and be successful. You should be respectful to teachers, elders and peers; harbour tenderness for the infirm and young. Honour your rights and take pride in your duties. Accept responsibility: you owe it to self, family, work, school, society and environment. It is your bounden obligation to preserve and protect environmental sanctity.

Life is a constant learning experience, which every day provides opportunities for you to learn more. Do every day what you have to do even if you do not want to do; it is the golden rule for acquiring the habit of doing duty without pain. Put in honesty, integrity and energy in all you do; hard work and discipline- which in firmness with direction will outline road map to success.

Aspire to be enlightened, productive and contributory national and global citizens.

St. Francis rightly said, “Start by doing what is necessary, then what is possible and suddenly you are doing the impossible.

We are bound to mould ourselves in such a way that will help us render our best to fulfil the ever changing needs of the society. My tender children are the sprouting seeds and we are committed to nurture them till they become the life-saving trees for the society.

Miss Pratima Mishra